Pumpkins, Obama, & Romney.

Let me first start this post with a moment of “ahhhh”. The house is spotlessly clean, my coffee is sending up little whispers of steam, and the pumpkin candle is burning brightly. Home. This place feels so safe and cozy and full of love. I just wanted to share that. I would also like to share […]

As of late…

It’s been too long again, huh? I love blogging so I’m not sure why I don’t make more time for it. Because I waited so long, I’ve stock piled things to talk about…which is weird. Anyway. Life. Dillon is back in school at ASU and still works the same amount of hours. I don’t understand […]


This is hard for me to write. But I hope to live a transparent life, genuine, and honest. What is the point of struggling if there is no story? Furthermore, what is the point of having a story if it is only tucked away, never shared? So I’ll write. I would imagine if Jesus was […]

it’s a curious thing

It’s a curious thing, losing friends as an adult. When you’re a kid, or even teenager, you lose friends because Susie Flirtsalot looked at your boyfriend of three hours or because she borrowed your favorite sweater and spilled ice cream on it. But as an adult, you lose friends because they’ve damaged your soul in […]

in regards to servanthood

I do not believe I have truly have a servant’s heart. Boy, I wish I did, but a heart like Jesus’? No. Yesterday though, I learned a lesson in serving. It was during making the brownies below. A very dear friend of mine was in a hurry, helpless when it comes to baking, and stressed […]


I was laying on my bed, trying to get a moment of rest and thought to check my e-mails (not restful). This blog post was in there and perfectly captured what I’ve been feeling…perfectly. The circumstances are a bit different but I totally get the feeling. So now I’ll rest in the strength of Jesus. […]