Long time, no type!  I just wanted to quickly update ya’ll about our move to Colorado. Maybe another time I’ll post lots of pictures, but if you follow me on IG or Facebook, you’ve seen plenty (more than you want to, even). I’ll give it to you in bite size pieces: Why we moved:We have […]

An Apology & So on, so forth.

First, I would like to apologize for two things. One being the fact that this post will be the worst one, maybe ever. No graphics, photos, decorations, links, or even proof reading. I am typing this on my iPhone while laying in bed, my husband (snoring) next to me. I just need to write, so […]

a long journey to long hair

My poor hair. I’ve tormented it all my life. From bleaching it, to going dark, DARK brown, to cutting it myself, back to bleaching it, dying it purple (which STILL isn’t fully out of my hair yet…), I’ve abused it. My mama always begged me to grow it out long and keep it natural but […]

Freezer Meals

Have you heard of freezer meals? If you’re in the blogging world, chances are you have an idea of what I’m talking about. If not: freezer meals are meals you make in advance, typically all at one time, freeze them, then throw them in the crockpot when you need an easy meal! I must admit […]


I found this picture on Pinterest tonight and had to process it through writing, which I’m sharing with you here. I cannot speak for others, but I know for me, my chains have been released. But removed? I don’t think so, not for me at least. Through grace and through the cross, those chains are […]


I figure I should first get you up-to-date on my life then I have something on my heart I’d like to share. Our quiet life is still quiet, yet also messy, painful, joyous, redeemed, grace filled, and beautiful. We are continually learning not only who each other are, but who ourselves are, and most importantly who […]

All Sons & Daughters

I recently found a new worship duo that I’m ob.sess.ed. with called All Sons & Daughters. I want to share a song of theirs with you. A couple weeks ago, after a really encouraging meeting with a really wonderful woman of God, and after an equally encouraging phone call with a sweet, dear, understanding friend, […]

Faith & Finance

In the season of life I am in, there are MANY lessons I learn every single day. One that comes up in almost every area of life is money. Money is tight for so many people right now, definitely including newlyweds that are full-time students, but we try to implement money-saving practices! I thought I […]

Pumpkins, Obama, & Romney.

Let me first start this post with a moment of “ahhhh”. The house is spotlessly clean, my coffee is sending up little whispers of steam, and the pumpkin candle is burning brightly. Home. This place feels so safe and cozy and full of love. I just wanted to share that. I would also like to share […]

As of late…

It’s been too long again, huh? I love blogging so I’m not sure why I don’t make more time for it. Because I waited so long, I’ve stock piled things to talk about…which is weird. Anyway. Life. Dillon is back in school at ASU and still works the same amount of hours. I don’t understand […]