Long time, no type! 

I just wanted to quickly update ya’ll about our move to Colorado. Maybe another time I’ll post lots of pictures, but if you follow me on IG or Facebook, you’ve seen plenty (more than you want to, even). I’ll give it to you in bite size pieces:

Why we moved:
We have always known that we wouldn’t stay in Arizona forever. My heart cannot handle the city and Dillon loves life adventures. We thought about Tennessee, Texas, and Colorado and figured we would wait until Dillon graduates in May. However, things began moving and shifting in our life and eventually we thought: this move is right in front of us and all signs pointed to Colorado. Lo and behold, Dillon’s job was ready and willing to take him to Colorado. We knew that if we waited, we would have passed up some great opportunities to change our lives for the better. We wouldn’t turn that down.

The move: 
In short: I hate moving and I hate driving across New Mexico while it’s in the single digits in the middle of the night. It was a very long trip and I’m okay if it never happens again. There is nothing else to say.

Post move:
When we moved, we had enough in our savings account to hold us over until we were settled into jobs, home, and routine. Unfortunately, that can be pretty difficult. Dillon is still working for Northwestern Mutual, but it hasn’t been as fulfilling as it was in Arizona. He’s had a couple conversations, and we are (hopefully) days away from an offer from his dream job. It would be a blessing financially, emotionally, physically, and a great opportunity for his future. It opens so many doors. I’ve applied to many, many, MANY places, but nothing has come to fruition quite yet. It’s so stressful, but I’m completely at peace with it. I’m learning so much about patience and trusting God while I wait. Please keep us in your prayers about this! In the meantime, I’m doing some part-time work at my mom’s office, coordinating their marketing while also spending time at a horse-boarding facility. The latter has been so wonderful for me, as I’m able to learn and grow in my knowledge and care of horses. I’m soaking in everything I can in hopes that it will serve well in my future. We are renting out a portion of my parent’s home until we can decide if we’ll buy or rent and in what town and where we get jobs and what kind of home we want and where we’ll go to church. To be honest, it has it’s challenges. We are so incredibly, overly, and abundantly thankful for the love we feel in having a “middle ground” while we decide what our life looks like, but being 23 year old newlyweds, it can kick our pride pretty hard. We want to be independent and fending for ourselves. However, I remind myself that in 10 years, it won’t matter. We won’t remember sheepishly saying we’re staying with our parents, we will simply remember the incredible love extended to us and how well that launched us into a future we could only dream of without it.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. We would love to hear from you and have you visit us!

With more love in our hearts than all the snow in Colorado,

Cameo and Dillon Pierce


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