a long journey to long hair

My poor hair. I’ve tormented it all my life. From bleaching it, to going dark, DARK brown, to cutting it myself, back to bleaching it, dying it purple (which STILL isn’t fully out of my hair yet…), I’ve abused it. My mama always begged me to grow it out long and keep it natural but this girl wouldn’t have it. After I got married, I cut quite a few inches off in my attempt to “nautralize” my hair. However, I couldn’t put money into maintaining it so it soon became a mess of split, dead ends, roots and DRYNESS. For Christmas though, I got some money to put towards taking care of my naturally blonde locks. So, here is what I am doing in order to grow my hair out long, strong, thick, and full!


1. A GOOD CUT & COLOR: I haven’t had a good cut and color in yeaaaars so I splurged on an uh-mazing-salon here in Tempe, Altered Ego Salon & Spa.** In fact, the last cut I had was with my best friend with a pair of kitchen scissors and a glass of wine. Not okay. So for this round, I put my hair in the hands of Nique, literally, and told her to fix it. The ends were totally uneven and dead and frayed and just horrible. She cut off the nasty stuff, added layers, and returned me to my (slightly more than) natural blonde. She’s a miracle worker.

2 & 2b. VITAMINS: I take one prenatal and one triple omega per day. There is no real proof that prenatal helps your hair grow, but I’ve heard it’s more helpful than biotin. Don’t read into this though, it is supplemented with an adverse pill. Triple Omega vits have three hugely beneficial oils that will help skin, nail (also, I’m going polish free to get my nails stronger!), hair, and overall health. Warning: TOs are huge. Like, hardly fit into my pill box huge. Yes, I have a pill box.

3. MOROCCAN OIL: My saving grace. My better half. My support. My lifesaver. My moroccan oil. If you’ve used this, you know what I’m talking about. I put this in my hair when it’s damp, before a blow dry, or if I use mousse for my blowdry, this oil will go before my straightener. It’s super versatile though so you can pretty much use it whenever you want to add silk, love, smoothness, yummy smelling heaven. This bottles are expensive but it’s worth it! Don’t skimp on this stuff and buy the knockoffs; they won’t work like this!

4. SULFATE-FREE SHAMPOO: This shampoo is free of pretty much everything nasty. Nature’s Tree hair line is one of my favorites; I’ve never used a product of theirs I didn’t like. They’re completely all natural, smell SO good, and sulfate-free! Sulfate is the stuff that makes your shampoo suds up so when you switch to this, you feel like it’s not cleaning but it is! Sulfate can add a ton of build up and really nasty your hair up. Skip it at all costs. Also, I have fine hair so I used to shampoo my hair every day. I’ve now gone to every other day or every two days (hello, hats!!). This lets your scalps natural oil take care of your hair rather than stripping away the good stuff.

5. PADDLE BRUSH: This isn’t pictured above but a good, quality brush will surprise you with it’s many wonders. This is my favorite brush I’ve ever had. I grew up stealing my sister’s until mama got me my own. They last for YEARS. Apparently, they’re good for brushing through hair as well as being really gentle. I can’t claim to be super smart about it, I just know that I’m a snob about using any kind of brush except my own, beautiful paddle brush.

So there you have it, my journey to completely revamping my hair! Has it worked? I don’t know about length yet but I DO know that I’m marginally obsessed my hair now. Also, Dillon sweetly pointed out my roots today so I’m thinking it’s growing! Time to schedule that root touch up…

What tips do you have? Share in the comment section!


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