I figure I should first get you up-to-date on my life then I have something on my heart I’d like to share.

Our quiet life is still quiet, yet also messy, painful, joyous, redeemed, grace filled, and beautiful. We are continually learning not only who each other are, but who ourselves are, and most importantly who Christ is. I thought I had it all figured out but boy, how wrong I have been. I am so grateful for the trials God is guiding us through, as they have already begun transforming into blessings.

I have started my new job and am very thankful for it. It’s not quite my dream job, but it gives me a chance to really step into a role that I know I can fill, and am excited to fill!


I also volunteer (more than I work at my actual job) at a wonderful place called Horses Help. I’ve written briefly about it a few posts ago, and still absolutely adore it. I don’t work with the riders though; in fact, I’m usually one of four people there most days. I work directly with the horses, making sure they’re comfy, cleaned, not killing each other, and keeping the grounds clean. It’s a lot of physical work but I am loving it. It is my place to escape and just “be”. Those horses hear more of my heart than many close to me do.

Dillon is still in school and working plenty. Our focus has shifted to graduate school and all that comes with that. Arizona, Vanderbilt, Colorado? Who knows where God is going to take us!

Speaking of which, I’d like to transition to something that I’ve been working through in my heart and in my journal but would also like to share it.

I was thinking about my dreams the other day, the things I hope for and imagine. I would love to build our own home on a plot of land (like this) and a simple barn. Dillon could work in Denver, which he loves, and I would stay home with our kids, who would play outside and be home by dusk. I would want horses on our property, one for each of us. Our home would be open to whomever needed a meal and a bed; it would be a central gathering place for our family, friends, church, and community. There would always be a pie coming out of the oven and music in our home.

That sounds like heaven to me; I long for it, imagine it, dream of it. But there is a voice in my head, either belonging to Reality or Doubt that says things of such will never come to fruition. Am I silly to think it’s possible? Maybe. Will it? Who knows. 

But then a thought occurred to me…if my deepest dreams of home don’t happen, that only means God has something better in mind. I know that sounds so cliche, but think about it this way: our dreams are deep within our hearts, hearts that God created and is deeply vested in. So don’t our dreams first come from Him? He creates, forms, develops, cultivates my dreams and so I know, without a doubt that whatever my dreams are, even if they’re currently unbeknownst to me, they will come true. I suppose that’s a whimsical way to say that God has a plan for my life.

I like whimsical.

Enjoy your whimsical night!


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