All Sons & Daughters

I recently found a new worship duo that I’m ob.sess.ed. with called All Sons & Daughters. I want to share a song of theirs with you.

A couple weeks ago, after a really encouraging meeting with a really wonderful woman of God, and after an equally encouraging phone call with a sweet, dear, understanding friend, this song came on. I was driving alone so I turned it up, rolled down my windows, opened the sun roof, and sang. I don’t know if it even qualified as singing, as I was literally YELLING the words over the music. I am sure I was off key, completely off tune, and likely squeaking the high notes but I couldn’t even care. I encourage you to listen to this in the same way. See what your heart feels. Just try it.

Listen to other songs by them. I assure you that they’ll all hit your heart in a unique way. Worship does that.

Be blessed, feel loved, experience Christ.


2 thoughts on “All Sons & Daughters

  1. Like it… downloaded the whole album… using up the store credit you gave me last Christmas by the way… thanks, love you

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