As of late…

It’s been too long again, huh? I love blogging so I’m not sure why I don’t make more time for it. Because I waited so long, I’ve stock piled things to talk about…which is weird.

Anyway. Life.

Dillon is back in school at ASU and still works the same amount of hours. I don’t understand how that man does it, but I sure do admire it. I’m still looking for a job, which is frustrating, but I’m enjoying this time to get my feet back on the ground after a very crazy, emotional year. It’s been really nice to redefine who I am and learn about myself. I’m so thankful that Dj has been with me so closely through it all. The foundation of our marriage is friendship, which has been so helpful. More on that later.




This is Cochise, me, and my leg at a very unfortunate angle. I went riding a couple weeks ago with my cousin and her roommates. I’ve always been infatuated with this beautiful animal hadn’t been riding in years and years and years. As of late though, I’ve really been trying to focus on enjoying life, pursuing things that bring me joy, experiencing new things, and following my passions. This is one of them. I’m in love with horses but seriously lack experience and access; horses are few and far between in yucky Arizona valley. So, I decided to volunteer with Horses Help, an organization that provides hippotherapy, riding lessons, and events for those with special needs, both physically and mentally. My primary job will be to take care of the horses in the barn, and I’m really excited to get started. If you have any horse hookups, please tell me. Like I said, I’m really trying to pursue things I’ve put off for years.


Dillon and I have a “family motto”, a little tagline that we hope to always keep in the forefront of our minds, and will someday pass onto our children. We chose “No Matter What” as a reminder to love one another, and others, no matter what; regardless of what is said, done, believed; or how they appear, act, are from, anything. Love completely unconditional, just as Christ’s. He loves us no matter what and we hope to constantly remind ourselves of such in our marriage and eventually in our family.


Lastly, I would like to briefly follow up with my last blog post. It’s been better, slowly but surely. I suppose you can only turn your back on God for so long until you get tired of staring at pain instead. Over the past while, God has still been doing His thing, still writing my story on my behalf, and allowing me to experience the good parts. The parts that you underline and highlight and if you’re me, draw a heart around on the page. I’ve been writing them down, so I won’t continue to forget what God is doing. God is going to carry how His plan for me, regardless if I fight it or not. I can respond by either rejecting it and feeling the pain of the journey, or accepting it and feeling the grace of redemption, and I am slowly accepting it.


No Matter What.



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