Currently: My Life in the Moment

loving: a clean home. Our home is very rarely messy but a quiet evening with the lamps low, the Olympics, and a cup of coffee, heavens sake, perfect.

reading: A Love of Her Own by Maggie Brendan. I actually just finished it. It’s the last in Maggie’s series. I would choose these horrifically cheesy, Christian, horse, romance novels over Fifty Shades of Gray any day (even though Dillon teases me for it!)

waiting for: my sweet husband to come home. He’s helping his brother move, which is nice, but I sure would love him to be home with me.

excited about: our first dinner party. It will hopefully be in the middle of September and I can’t wait to plan it. The theme Back to School, so lot’s of apples, BBQ, and chalkboards.

missing: every one of these girls. Today is also my sister’s (second from the left) birthday, along with her heart melting son’s. Karilee turns a ripe of age of Still Gorgeous and Kaiden turns 4. Happy Birthday!

If you click on the photo, it will direct you to our photographer’s blog which will have some other photos of our wedding.

trying to: read my Bible more. be active in the word, not just monotonously living.

enjoying: the Olympics. I so badly wish I could be watching them with my mama, as I always did growing up. Gymnastics isn’t the same without her.

wearing: gray pajamas shorts and a navy shirt, it is definitely cozy time in my home right now. Although today I whipped out my trusty brown cowboy boots, which were filthy from the Flagstaff mountains.

planning: I am very lazily planning our meal plan this week. I outline all of our meals and lunches to save us from making  unnecessary purchases at the store. I typically plan it based on the weekly ad and try to use one or two ingredients for multiple meals.

learning: how to be a wife. No matter how much preparation we did, it’s a whole different ball game. I’m learning how to communicate, share a sink in the morning when we’re both late for work, how to love Dillon as his wife, so on and so forth.

singing: Home by Phillip Phillips. I have to admit, I’ve listened to it 628 times today.

needing: a good facial or at the very least, a facial mask. Any recommendations?

wishing: dinner was made for me. then served to me right where I sit. Goodness, I am lazy.

praying for: guidance. community within our church. understanding. gratefulness.

dreaming of: someday owning a house in a different state, filled with children’s laughter. A home like this:

Now, back to watch the Olympics!

Have a blessed week!

(This post idea was borrowed from Lemonade Makin’ Mama, please check out her blog!)


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