A Glimpse of the Pierce’s!

Today I’m sick at home. My sweet husband is at working, meeting with his business partners, and stopping by the store at the end of his day. I’m blessed and I’m loved…by him and by my lovely Jesus. Last night, Dillon and I shared with each other the Top 5 things that make us happy at the moment. One of the answers we both could relate to was that fact that we are settling into a routine, our life together, and this life together can be anything we want it to be. While scary, that brings endless amount of joy to us. I’m so excited. We are settling back into work, dinner, our friends, summer, preparing for school, and our home. Our home has become such a haven, a cozy, warm, safe, place for the both of us. I thought that today, I’d share some pictures of our home, to give you a glimpse into our home, the Pierce’s home. So here we go:

This is the wreath Cara and I made for the front door. All products are from Hobby Lobby and hot glued until they couldn’t be hot glued any more!

This is our bedroom. Our bed at 6 hidden drawers for storage, which makes our small condo fit more stuff (which is exactly what we need…). Duvet cover and throw pillow is from Target, and shams are from Pottery Barn. So cozy!

This is our bedroom for the view of the closet. It is seriously lacking furniture! We have a small red leather chair in the unseen corner but our room could use a lot of TLC. I’m not sure what to do with the open wall or the huge window space. If you have any ideas, share please!

This is our closet! It’s a big, semi-organized space. I’m really thankful for enough room to fit all of our clothes and shoes!

Here is our living room from the view of the kitchen. The wall is a dark taupe, while all the other walls in the room are cream, which gives it a little warmth. The couch is from online (Craigslist!), the white armchair from Ikea, coffee table is a chest I received from my parents and is filled with books!

Here is a closer look of our “reading corner” as I call it.

Here is our new TV (Dillon’s wedding present…to “ourselves”) and great table it rests on. We looked around Ikea for awhile, trying to find something that was tall, open, and could store the Xbox (Dillon’s other present to “ourselves”) and Wii. We found this for only $60 and it’s perfect! We will add more baskets underneath to store blankets, games, movies, etc. And obviously, I’m watching The Cosby Show on my sick day.

Here is a view of our kitchen table. We got it from my parents and it couldn’t be more perfect. The wood matches the kitchen cabinets and its the perfect size for us. Placemats are from Ikea and all centerpiece parts are from Hobby Lobby.

This is my favorite part, the kitchen. It’s small but so are we so it fits our life perfectly. All of our appliances are new and I love the oven! There isn’t a pantry but more than enough cabinet space on the opposite side of the photo (where the sink, toaster, dishwasher, and most importantly, cookie jar is). In the far right corner is a little door that opens up to our laundry area! We love, love, love, our kitchen.

This is half of the bathroom. That space is surprisingly large for the size of our condo, we love it! I intentionally didn’t get the toilet or shower in the pictures, as that’s not super aesthetically pleasing. The countertops are high so you don’t have to break your back when using the sinks. I also love the lamp in the bathroom, although Dillon has yet to grasp WHY there is a lamp in there. The little sign in the corner says “Grow old with me, the best is yet to be”. I read it every time and just love it. It was a wedding present so I’m not sure where it came from.

So that’s it! There are plenty of closets and hallways and a patio that isn’t pictured here but I truly hope that you will stop by and see it yourself. Dillon and I pray constantly that our home will not only be our safe place, but a place for others to come as well and know that they are welcomed, loved, taken care of, prayed for, fed, and safe. If you ever need a place to go or escape to or need a meal, please knock on our door. You are always welcome.


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