Observations: Week 1 of Marriage

In my last post, I was six days from marriage. In this post, I am a little more than six days from being married and I thought I’d share some observations made thus far; some things I’ve learned or realized. So let’s begin:


1. After being with D for five years, I tend to believe that I learn more about him as he grows, already knowing everything up to current time. Well, I was wrong. While on our honeymoon, I discovered that D loves infomercials. I don’t know what but when one comes on, he just CAN’T change the channel. His favorite is the Thundershirt. I’m not entirely sure what it is but Dillon could educate you if you’re interested.

2. On a more impactful spectrum, we learned a valuable and humorous lesson on communication. Before we left for the Bahamas, I intended to set up our mail for vacation forwarding. While getting ready, I had the following conversation with D, who was in another room:

Cameo: Please remind me to set up the vacation forwarding with the mail.
Dillon: I already did, knowing you would ask that.
Cameo: Oh really? Thank you! You are so sweet.

Well, on our last night of our honeymoon I began the question of “So when you set up the vacation forward did–” then noticed D’s face go completely blank. As you can probably guess, I perceived that when D said “I already did” I thought he meant HE set up the mail forward and in his mind he meant he already reminded me. Needless to say, our mailbox is probably jammed full and we lost that round.

3. The biggest lesson, and by far most important, is in regards to being a wife and what that is truly about. I read quite some time ago that being a wife is all about Jesus and this could not be more true. I cannot really place it in any other words than that. It is a lot harder than I thought, a lot deeper than I thought, and the love and strength of Christ is much more necessary than I thought. When my lofty (and totally selfish) expectations are denied, I pray. When my attitude is terrible towards Dillon, I pray. When I feel lonely or hurt or scared, I pray. This is not to say I am good at any of that, but the biggest thing is prayer. Prayer with Dillon, for Dillon, from Dillon, anything. My love will fail and my strength with fail. I cannot possibly be a wife on my own accord because I screw up so much; I must rely on Christ and his love and strength and compassion and gentleness and everything that is of Him. Being a wife is about reflecting THOSE things, not my own self.


I’m sure the lessons have just begun and for that, I am thankful. I love my husband, I love our marriage, I love our funny jokes, I love our home, and we love our God. This is such an adventure that is so much bigger than I thought it ever could be. It is of God and it is good.


P.S. Now that I’m (sort of) settled into life and back from Wedding World, I hope to bring my blog to life, share recipes, encouragement, and my semi-daily musings.


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