in regards to weddings

Christians love getting married, preferably at a really young age and typically with 2-3 months of dating under their belt. It usually happens after they serve in children’s church one Sunday or after a mission trip (which you come back from single or engaged, depending on the mood of the worship songs). Maybe I’m just getting older but it seems like every time I open Facebook, 92 of my friends are engaged. And don’t get me wrong, obviously I’m there and only 6 days of being “on the other side” of engagement, providing I don’t die of insanity before then. So with all the weddings coming up, I thought I’d reflect on my wedding planning and heart preparing as I approach my big day (I even broke the hiatus…)

When I was younger, I knew exactly what I wanted and what I wanted was a Christmas wedding, complete with the Phoenix Boys Choir, sugarplum fairies, fake snow, and literally…a Santa. If you know me at all, you totally get that Christmas is my thing. That remained my dream until the moment Dillon knelt down on one knee (which, for the record, was a week before Christmas. is he great or what!). As I quickly learned, the months leading up to our marriage wouldn’t be filled with candy canes, Christmas wedding dresses (seriously, I’m really into it), and thoughts of waiting until next wintertime to get married. Instead, our time became filled with preparing our hearts for the July summer wedding we would have. It wasn’t about fabrics and colors and candles and vases to me, it was about learning about Dillon, learning how to be a godly wife, not just a good girlfriend. We went through months are really difficult pre-marital counseling that forced us to work through things, pray through things, dream through things. We went through months of learning how to live life together with our money, our goals, our jobs, and everything that would mesh together.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is this: my dream went from being a wedding, to being a moment of worship. It went from being Christmas, to being what our hearts wanted. It went from being gawdy, event filled engagement, to being a special, growing Christ-filled engagement.

And as I’m six days from my wedding, and some of you are six days past being engaged, I offer you this advice (that you didn’t ask for): Slow down. This isn’t about a wedding or a moment or that “newlywed forever” feeling you just KNOW you’ll have for years and years. This isn’t about being in love, it’s about strengthening love, challenging it, growing in it. This is about actively, patiently, and intimately pursuing God’s plan for you in a really tangible and scary way. Be mentored, be poured into, pray non-stop, and do not lose sight of what this day really is.

Now back to my hiatus, see you after my honeymoon!


4 thoughts on “in regards to weddings

  1. Well written, the best advice for any engaged couple and you learned it: slow down! I hope (and don’t doubt) your marriage is more beautiful than your wedding 🙂 Have a safe and fun honeymoon!

    • Thank you so much, Laura! It’s so easy to get caught up in everything but after a couple months, I just wanted to soak it in, much to the dismay of the MOB, and MOG. 😉 Thanks again!

  2. okay! i’ve now read through all of your posts! love love love. this one is fab. so glad your heart is feeling a little more at ease! xoxo

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