it’s a curious thing

It’s a curious thing, losing friends as an adult. When you’re a kid, or even teenager, you lose friends because Susie Flirtsalot looked at your boyfriend of three hours or because she borrowed your favorite sweater and spilled ice cream on it. But as an adult, you lose friends because they’ve damaged your soul in some way or another; a crime was committed against your heart with no resolution.

I was encouraged by this though while talking to my friend Ali last night. A true, honest, genuine woman of God. She is one of my bridesmaids because of the incredible impact she has had one heart. Last night we talked about the process of letting go and what Jesus and his friends might have looked like. Jesus has twelve disciples, twelve people He held close to His heart and trusted them to be apart of the greatest life ever lived. In comparison to who famous Christ was and how many people He came in contact with during His ministry, having only twelve close friends must mean He intended for friendship to be intimate.

As an adult, I would much rather surround myself with those who I can disciple and who can disciple me; healthy friendship in my life that can be full of challenge, encouragement, reads, laughter, and most of all, Christ.

I’m so thankful for the women who represent this in my life SO well. I’m thankful they can be there with me on my wedding day, and know what we can live our stories out here on earth together.


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