in regards to servanthood

I do not believe I have truly have a servant’s heart. Boy, I wish I did, but a heart like Jesus’? No. Yesterday though, I learned a lesson in serving. It was during making the brownies below. A very dear friend of mine was in a hurry, helpless when it comes to baking, and stressed to the point of talking way too fast. I sent her to get ready for her party and offered to make the brownies, totally grumpy because I had gotten off work maybe five minutes before.

Grumbling, griping, I stirred in the cocoa and eggs and then in the midst of my folding, God kicked me a bit. Why was I having such a bad attitude about something I love doing? Because there was nothing in it for me. No one to praise me, no one to tell me if they were good, and I didn’t even get a bite. God forced me to serve without anything tangible in return.

So I prayed through making the cream cheese fill in. I prayed through the marbling. I prayed that God would transform my heart into being a true servant; one that loves God and loves others, without any expectation of anything in return. Because isn’t that how Christ lived? He gave His LIFE, knowing that people would turn their backs on Him, not even acknowledge Him, and spit in His face, yet He served them.

I think that is a servants heart. 

P.S. That being said, I totally have intentions of making those brownies again and hiding them in my bed.


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