just a little update

I feel like wedding stuff is finally getting done. We had our catering testing today, which Dillon loved, and ordered our invitations. I loved typing out the wording of the invitations…”request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their children Cameo Abigail and Dillon James”. Sigh. I love it so much. Also, the first of my showers is on Saturday, which I’m still just so excited for. I still haven’t fully grasped that I’ll be marrying Dillon in two little months. It feels like we were just two kids, staying up too late on the phone. We’re still two kids but now we stay up late talking about dreams and love and life and Jesus and watching movies. What an adventure this is.

We’re still waiting to be involved in a life group. For whatever reason, this is a ridiculously slow process but we’re learning a lot about patience and churches and…churches. I grew up in the church and knew everyone, as did Dillon for his adolescence, so this is all new to us. I had hoped this process would be a matter of two email exchanges but it hasn’t been and that’s okay because like I said, we are learning a lot and it’s really great.

And one last thing. In December, aside from getting engaged, I took a leap of faith and asked God to direct my life. Since then, immense changes have taken place, just not the way I thought they would. I guess I had a pattern of events that I handed over to God then said “lead me where you want”. That doesn’t make sense and I’m quickly learning that. The plans I had for myself did not turn out and now I’m sitting here, starting over on that journey but trying to hard to follow God in that; and it makes no sense, I feel like I’m being lead in weird ways. But I also know that I have longings in my heart that I covered up for so long, desires to serve in different places and lead a much different life. Definitely something to pray for, and praying for patience and faith even more. I’m really, really, really bad at surrendering almost anything to God. 

Thank you for reading through my journey with me. I hope this blog evolves into something much bigger, better, and far more purposeful. Still working on that purposeful part.


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