a day in photos

I got this idea from my favorite blog so I can’t claim it as original but neither can she, so I guess its a blog eat blog world. So here is my day in Instagram photos with small descriptions below.

10:30 I was still in bed. I couldn’t help it. I woke up around 9:30, read the latest news stories, caught up on wedding e-mails, and looked at my nails. I also text Dillon probably forty times to get breakfast.

11:30 Cleaned. I typically try to clean the entire apartment every Saturday since no one is home. Living with three girls can make for a really messy apartment.

12:30 It’s a miracle I found an outfit for today since it’s been ohhhh, maybe fifteen years since I’ve done laundry. 

1:30 Dillon took me out for lunch and we talked about bank accounts (credit unions vs. commercial banks), how to confront church leaders, meals for this upcoming week, and probably cats. We also went to the bank (credit union) after this.

2:30 Grocery store. Got plenty of food for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Dillon carried all the groceries up the stairs so I could drink my iced tea and wave to the neighbors.

3:30 Laziness on the LoveSac, aka The Nest.

4:30 Had a hankering to bake so I did.

5:30 The cookies didn’t take an hour but I took the previous picture a bit late, and this one a bit early. But these cookies turned out de-licious. They’re cake-y, crumbly sugar almond cookies, with neon swirl since I am obsessed with putting neon food dye in things. If I can remember what I did, I’ll post the recipe sometime.

6:30 Riding shotgun on the 101, jamming to this song, which I’m obsessed with. Dillon says “pictures of the sunset are among the Top 11 over-posted photos on social media sites”. He has the weirdest knowledge. Either way, this photo tops the rest.

7:30 Ate some BBQ with my family, including this cute kid. This his is pouty pirate face.

8:30 Riding shotgun on the 51, singing to this song. Then we almost got t-boned by a car that ran a red and Dillon honked more times that necessary and I thought the driver would come follow us and shoot us. I am my mother’s daughter.

9:30 Vanilla Spice herb tea and a book I have intentions of starting but I just can’t get interested. Any suggestions?

So this was my day in photos. Uninteresting but I had an absolutely wonderful day with the most wonderful man and I’m still singing Dream a Little Dream of Me. Goodnight!

P.S. Credit Union or Bank?


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