in regards to building a home:

Dillon and I have a couple dreams, individually, and as a couple. One of Dillon’s is to be innovative, to expand business, and develop his dream job. He also dreams of traveling and being as good of a father as his own. My dreams include being simple, and coming alongside woman who hurt and listening. I’m hesitant to say ministry because I’m still scared to say that word (if I’m being truthful) but I suppose it boils down to that. My dreams also include justice, and serving that to the world. I want to get out of Arizona some day. To Colorado with my family, or maybe Georgia. But one of OUR dreams is to build our own home someday. A home that is designed, thought of, put together for us. 

Here are some pictures of things we love and hope to have in our home:

I have always wanted a white and yellow kitchen with a ton of natural light, flowers, and glass cabinets.

I love the open staircase like this with the bookshelves underneath. 

I love the window seats in the hallway like this, but really, really hate that rug.


I also really want a mud room. They’re kind of impractical but I like the thought of a room with the sole purpose of collecting dirtiness and the shoes that I will inevitably trip on no matter where they are. It’s a huge downfall of my uncordination.

So yeah. Someday we will have our own home that we’ve built. Until then, it’s on to apartment hunting.


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