I’ve been learning a lot of lessons lately. The biggest of which is in my relationship with Dillon and this wonderful, but actually not so wonderful thing called…money. No need to hash out personal details but we were just raised very differently and remain very different people (however, very much in love). When we decided a couple months ago to combine our accounts, I may have ”forgotten” exactly how different we are. So we signed some papers, did that, and then lots and lots of lessons came my way. First, about sharing. Its not very easy sharing your tax return. Second, about planning. It’s not very fun to sit down and budget every. little. detail. Third, about allowance. What is that even? How unfortunate it is when its Tuesday and I have $7 to get me until Saturday because I spent it all on fabric the day before (which turned out to be a really cute skirt).

But the last lesson, and most important, is about respect for Dillon. I have a teeeeeeny bit of an attitude and an average amount of self control but I must admit, I don’t always get my way and when I don’t, it’s frustrating for the both of us because we can’t quite see eye to eye. And we’ve talked through it, and still do, and will keep doing. We don’t always agree on how to spend our money. But I’m learning that it doesn’t matter. It is not up to me to argue and battle royale until Dillon decides to budge on the budget. It IS up to me to respect him through our disagreements, to shut my mouth and listen to his reasoning, and truly take it to heart. I know he has our best interest in mind and I’m learning to convey that trust in my words, regardless if I feel differently. Respect.

And just one last little thought, please remember that there is nothing better you could do with your money than to serve God with it. Give it back somehow. Tithe, support, or bless someone in need.


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